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Who are you? Narrative-based Lifeskills workshop

Who-are-you? is a narrative based lifeskills workshop designed for youth in Africa and the developing world

'If you want to get ahead in life, you need self-esteem, confidence and good communication skills. Think for yourself, be creative. Build good relationships. Be the best you can be. Dream big dreams. Become leaders and entrepreneurs. The future is in your hands......' 

But How?

School leavers routinely hear this kind of farewell speech from the principal of their school. The sentiments are heartfelt and sincere, but did anybody ever tell them how?

It is this gap that 'Who are You' seeks to bridge. It simplifies and makes accessible recent advances in psychology, self-development, business training, neurology and physiology so that young people can get an understanding of how they can take charge of their thoughts, feelings, behaviour and well-being. It also uses the wisdom of African leaders and intellectuals to provide them with r

ole models they can strongly identify with. 'Who are You' is a workbook and a facilitated course. We are also able to train facilitators and develop programmes for tertiary educators, organisations employing school leavers and employees who have never satisfactorily answered or been asked this question. If you are as convinced as we are that our youth need strong foundations on which to build a prosperous future for themselves and their community, please get in touch.

Why ‘Who am I?’ is such an important question:

  • By exploring the Who Am I question, we become aware of the limiting ways in which we often see ourselves
  • If we see ourselves in limiting ways, we set ourselves up for a limited life experience
  • We discover that what we say about ourselves is usually what other people have said to us - how do they know?
  • If we don’t know who we are, it‘s very difficult to know what makes us happy and fulfilled
  • When we see ourselves in narrow, limiting ways, we imprison our talents and potential making it very difficult to act on our hopes and dreams
  • We discover that we have the power over the way we think, speak and the stories we tell about ourselves……and through this, that we can consciously choose that which empowers us
  • When we have a strong sense of self, we become better at making choices that benefit us
  • If we know who we truly are, we become more flexible - it’s easier to see ourselves in new, empowering roles
  • It helps us to take charge of our lives…… which not only benefits us, but everybody around us...