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ThoughtFormz is a specialised consultancy and media developer specialising in thinking skills. Our purpose is to turn people onto the limitless possibilities of their own minds and we do this through media plus in-house and public workshops. Our forte is researching, designing and sharing useful models and techniques for the management of knowledge and change at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation.

Start thinking in new dimensions

Our in-house thinking skills workshop is guaranteed to stimulate responsible innovation with useful ideas that have the support of your team and which can be implemented immediately in the workplace.

The ThoughtFormz thinking skills workshop combines cutting-edge research and useful ancient ideas that focus on the dynamics of thinking, consciousness and culture. The workshop is designed to equip participants with the critical and creative thinking skills required to face challenges and risk innovation, increase your organisations' ability to be globally competitive and help everybody to see the ‘Big Picture’. 

Why thinking skills?
Thinking is a fundamental, meta-level concept. It is all thinking. Your experience of this life since birth is the product of thinking; your own thinking and the thinking of countless others that have come before you. You might like to think of yourself as the sum of all the thoughts you have ever had in your life. Even Jesus said 'As a Man Thinketh in His Heart, So is He...' which alludes to the creative possibility that thinking differently has the power to transform the thinker.

A major problem about thinking, however, is when you think about thinking, you are using the thinking process to reflect upon itself, thereby transforming its nature. Hence the need for a guide while you explore your own thinking processes and patterns. This is especially true if you would like thought to be your ally rather than that which makes you crazy (as it does in many people's lives)

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