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If you'd like to bring creative co-operation into your workplace, allowing everybody to use their many talents and energies to great personal and organisational benefit, let’s talk...See our trans4mation webportal for resources on Change Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation, Culture etc..In addition, we can recommend:

  • - Storytelling for change and creativity. Specialising in organisational storytelling, media development and brandstory.
  • Isivivane is a powerful tool for change management, KM and teamwork based on ancient African wisdom traditions.
  • Ubuhibi Media - specialises in licensing custom media in Change Management, KM, personal development and Sustainability to corporates, government, universities and NGOs.
  • ThoughtFormz thinking skills workshop - the art of engineering thought for the future
  • Knowledge Management Africa a community portal for Africa's knowledge professionals including special interest groups in a variety of cross-cutting categories
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