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corporate innovation

Do you need to stimulate innovative behaviours in your organisation? Do you need to ensure that innovation occurs within defined boundaries? Isivivane for Innovation is a knowledge production model for medium to large corporations that wish to stimulate innovative & other agreed behaviours within clearly defined boundaries.

The Isivivane Innovation process begins by establishing desired process  outcomes with senior management and leadership - through this, we attain an understanding of the behaviours that need to be recognised and stimulated. A short 3 hour training phase with selected participants engages the game model and other thinking, problem solving and presentation skills. The implementation phase sees participants working in teams to identify and implement workplace innovations. It is important to note that the process requires participants to meet for 1 hour per week during working time. Selection of the participants, rules of the game and participant documentation are all customised to suit the CI. The programe is typically implemented to run for between 12-16 weeks and we provide all media relating to the process including internal advertising and branding.

Costing is based on a per participant model and depends on the level of necessary customisation.

Isivivane for Innovation is based on a quality circle model that has been successfully used in a variety of corporate settings. In addition to innovation, the model can be easily used in change management, KM, identify and branding processes.

Corporate Innovation

Steve Banhegyi,
Jun 1, 2010, 4:21 AM