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isivivane facilitator training

The Isivivane is a knowledge creation and sharing model designed for organisations of all kinds and sizes. The Game can be used for a variety of applications including KM, Change Management, Conflict Management, Teambuilding, Innovation, Project Management, sustainable system design, branding & identity work. A key benefit of the game is that it creates understanding and commitment that wins the support of key players.

We offer a one day Isivivane facilitator training workshop designed to equip participants to facilitate and run Isivivane circles in their own organisations. The workshop structure includes:

  • Values and History of Isivivane
  • The Isivivane model overview
  • Understanding the energies of the Isivivane
  • Using Isivivane for personal development
  • Using Isivivane in organisations
  • Facilitating an isivivane session, gathering structured information
  • Using Isivivane for KM, service delivery, innovation, change management

Isivivane provides a powerful way of re-framing everyday business and human relationships. Knowledge is created by all participants who contribute because they can see that their opinions really matter.